Saturday, 23 Aug 2003
Arius Merep's Farm

After a mile hike through the jungle and
crossing several makeshift bridges,
we finally made it to Arius Merep's
place in Ngchesar.

I compained!
The path was not handicap accessible.

His Filipino worker, Ruel,
came and greeted us.

This is the Palauan sticks!
We are really out in the country

No electricity and all supplies
must be packed in.

Nap Time!

Security Alert: bin Napping has been caught in Ngchesar.
He was the Joker in the most wanted deck of
playing cards.

Looking back at the house from the site of
the future piggery.
Arius bought his first pig
for the future pig farm.
The river by the house.
Chill'in by the river!
Next time we will come by boat.

When these men start the business
the business will go down.