Pictures of Palau Aquarium

Cleaning Bio-filters

Jellyfish Collection

Coral Collection - Ngeremlengui Pass

Omengat - First Born Ceremony

Ngeremlengui Channel Reef Flat

Southside of Ngeremlengui Channel

Sand and Seagrass Collection

Earth Day 2003

Nautilus Collection

Mid Service Conference in Guam

Mangrove & Coral Collections

Pictures of my Host Family and Friends

Palau Mini-Art Festival

Anguar Trip

Arius Merep's Farm in Ngchesar

The new Palau Volunteers (Micro 70)

Peleliu Trip

Ngiwal Coastal Cleanup

Palau Capital

Micro 70 Swearing In Ceremony

My new host family in Echang

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Echang Marina

Choll County Coastal Cleanup

Kurismas in Echang

Hatohobei State Party, Jan 2004

Palau Mariculture Demonstration Center (PMDC)

Aimellik Community Cleanup

Ngardmau Community Cleanup

Ngardmau State Turtle Hunt

PPR Marathon

Ngatpang Community Cleanup

Ngatpang Waterfall

St. Joseph's Day Festival, Echang

Ngeremlengui Community Cleanup

9th Festival of Pacific Arts


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