Sunday, 09 Nov 2003
DFWP Monitoring Trip
Peleliu Trip

Orange Beach in Peleliu.

The bloodiest battle in the Pacific
was fought here.

Named Orange Beach because of
the color of the beach from
all the blood.

Olu ma Yosiwo ma Elizabeth

Anguar Island
as seen from
Orange Beach


Olu ma Chief Kammen Chin
at the Memorial at
Orange Beach.

The plaque dedicated to
the 81st Infantry Division

The Seabees still maintain the
many memorial on the island.
Yosiwo climbing to get us
some beetlenut.
At Bkul-omeruchel overlooking
Peleliu Corner dive spot.
Peleliu is a very beautiful island.
We are at Ngerikl

Another really nice park.

A really cool sink hole
the Palauans call
Ngermelt .

We were jumping off and
having a good swim.

The Japanese Memorial at Bloody Nose Ridge


The 1st Marine Division Memorial
at Bloody Nose Ridge.

I was really excited to see the Marine Memorial and Orange Beach because one of
my professors on my MS degree committee at Texas A&M University,
Dr. Sammy Ray, served in the 1st Marine Division.
He landed on Peleliu on D-Day, 15 Sep 1944.

Thanks for all your support Sammy!