Saturday, 15 Nov 2003
Ngiwal Coastal Cleanup

On Saturday, November 15, 2003, Sebastian Marino, coordinator for the Marine Environmental Enforcement Response Team (MEERT), organized a coastal cleanup in Ngiwal State. Over 50 people participated, including Governor Elmis Mesubed of Ngiwal State, Legislator Isabella Ngirmang, Division of Fish & Wildlife Protection (DFWP), Peleliu State Rangers, Palau Conservation Society (PCS), Principal Lorenza Olkeriil and her students from Ngiwal Elementary School, the Catholic Youth and Protestant Youth Organizations, and members of the Ngiwal community. Although Delegate Noah Idochong was not present at the time, he contributed by donating drinks and ice. Over 70 bags of trash were collected along the coastal area, the main causeway, the old stone path, and the cemetery. Sebastian Marino said the Ngiwal coastal cleanup was a great success and hopes that concerns for a clean and beautiful Palau will continue and flourish in the hearts of the Palauan people. Principle Lorenza Olkeriil was very pleased with all the efforts of the participants and requests that the community and visitors who come to Ngiwal State will remember to dispose of their trash properly. She hopes that everyone will keep our Island of Palau beautiful. Chief Kammen Chin of DFWP stressed the importance of the participation of the community and especially the youth. We can all learn from each other and share the work to keep our environment at its best. We must all be diligent in our efforts to make sure that trash is disposed of properly and not thrown disrespectfully in our oceans and onto the land. If you see anyone littering, tell them they are wrong and pick up the trash if they refuse. Let's all be good citizens and keep Palau clean. Again, DFWP would like to thank everyone who participated for all their effort and support.