Wednesday, 19 Nov 2003
Micro 70 Palau
Swearing In Ceremony

Father Rusk Saburo,
Billy Kuartei, Chief of Staff
Joe Torres, Associate Peace Corps Director
Ronald A. Harms, Charge de' Affairs

Aribuk, MC, PCV

Rolmii and Kitang singing Palauan National Anthem

Micro 70 PC Trainees:

Front Row From Left to Right

Krista "Dirrataoch" Callinan
Craig "Ilapsis" Costion
Maria "Rolmii" Perry
Nicole "Elsau" Caruso
Naomi "Kitang" Shinoda

Back Row From Left to Right

Julian "Spuns" Dendy
Tom "Omispis" Josephson
Elizabeth "Miotel" Kenny
Julie "Kieko" Davis
Sarah "Dilbedul" Boddy
Alfred "Ngirbabul' Fung

Taking the Oath

Now they are Peace Corps Volunteers!
Do a little Palauan dance
Get down, Get down

Great performance

Good Job!